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“I am a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student in London. I discovered while researching for a powerpoint template that would resemble top management consulting reports. Reading through the blog (Firmsconsulting), I rapidly realised that it was one of the most insightful and frequently updated blogs I had seen on the web so far. Since I was writing my CV and cover letter for McKinsey, I asked if Firmsconsulting offered CV services.

I have now bought the Management consulting book, downloaded about 30 templates and guides off the website, and gone through a mock interview session. I can say that the finance MBA is one of the best-written introductory lectures I have ever seen and the management-consulting book gives good insight into the thinking process of a consultant. For those starting their research about the topic, it is a must have.

Working with Firmsconsulting was a very good decision for me. The pricing is significantly lower than other competing websites, the response time is always within 8/12 hours, and it shows that they know what they are talking about. Perhaps the most important feature for me is the practice interview session. It really showed me how much more I had to work and I didn’t feel at all time constrained. In fact we doubled the length of the interview without noticing it!

I look forward to other interviews and will bring along one classmate during the all day session on October 30th”


“I am beginning a consulting career and I find that firms exceed my expectations. While there are a few books about top-tier consulting firms, provide fresh, targeted, and insightful information about working for the major consulting firms. I only wish I had enough time to review and study all the material provided. Another very good experience I have had is the listening capacity of Firmsconsulting’s team. So far, I have provided feedback on one of their eBooks and their blog and the response was charming. Definitely, I felt my suggestions were heard.

Regarding the quality of, I believe that the fact that the site is run by ex-management consultants provides the necessary quality to them. Firmsconsulting team members have served in premium international consulting firms all the way from business analyst to senior partner, therefore they know how to do and present things very well. For current consultants and for consultants to-be, these sites have valuable materials to enhance or forge a successful career in business consulting. So, I would summarize my experience with Firmsconsulting with: Excellent service, excellent content.

Two issues that deal more with future matters than with present or past matters, these are:

  • There are many good Internet sites that last a few years and then they disappear. I wish this did not happen to
  • I want to study some of the materials early published in this blog. Currently, due to some time limitations, I have postponed their reading. So, I hope you keep all your materials available, indefinitely.”

[Response from FirmsConsulting: We are very much aware that many great sites collapse after a few months or years. We cannot foresee the future and promise to overcome every single curve ball life throws at us, but we can promise to manage our business smartly with longevity in mind. We keep our expenses painfully low. Our blog is hosted on WordPress which gives us enormous flexibility and we don’t splurge on normal start-up initiatives like fancy offices, free food and so on. We intend to be in business for a long time and continue adding more useful features to the site.

All our material will be kept up and we intend to stay away from gaudy advertising. I think this will hurt our cash-flow in the short-term but will build a great brand and site in the long-term. We think we offer a service which fills a real gap in the market. As long as our readers like what we do, keep coming back and giving us their opinions, we think we can make this work.]

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