Who wrote this blog and how to contact us?

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in Blogbschool.com.

I wrote articles for this blog many years ago when I was completing my undegraduate degree. At that time my English was not so good so you may have noticed some mistakes.

Since that time I completed my undegraduate and MBA degrees, had a great career in management consulting and banking and now working on growing a company that finds and nurtures the next generation of leaders in business, government and academia by providing bespoke online training in strategy, operations, implementation, critical thinking, decision making and communication.

The best way to stay in touch is to sign up for our complimentary email updates which include a lot of high quality training resources as well as updates, such as information about opprotunities to be selected for one of our training shows. 

To sign up for our updates simply visit one of the articles on Firmsconsulting.com website, such as this one, scroll down and sign up. As a thank you for joining FC community you will also receive a 3-part complimentary training series, either from the Executive Program or from The Consulting Offer program.

Talk soon,

Kris Safarova

Bio: firmsconsulting.com/kris/

Email: kris@firmsconsulting.com


You can also stay in touch with us on social media:

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Personal social media pages:

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Our address:

187 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite B158, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89119

Blogbschool is powered by firmsconsulting.com. Firmsconsulting is a training company that finds and nurtures tomorrow’s leaders in business, government and academia via bespoke online training to develop one’s executive presence, critical thinking abilities, high performance skill-set, and strategy, operations and implementation capabilities.

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