Integrated Communication

Integrated communication is a strategic management system which is concerned with overseeing all messages sent by the organization and which have a purpose to develop a long-term and profitable relationship with all the organization’s stakeholders (internal and external).

Therefore, integrated communication is a broader concept and public relations is just one of the elements which is required for the success of integrated communication as a strategic management process of the organization.

Integrated communication concept evolved over time and developed into a full-blown strategic management process which focuses on two-way communication (dialogue with stakeholders) as apposed to one way communication (monologue).

Contemporary integrated communication processes within an organization focuses on all stakeholders. This is in comparison to earlier efforts when focus was only on customers.

Further, whereas before focus was on transactions, now the focus is on the relationship with stakeholders. A successful integrated communication process requires integration and collaboration of all functions. It is across-functions rather than a functional process. Contemporary integrated communication process is also very data driven since data enhances the performance of the process.



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