PR Activities Which Require Use of Media

One such activity is sponsorship. Sponsorship refers to a situation when an organization supports a cause or event via contribution of some of its resources, which may include monetary and other resources. Examples of sponsorships include supporting sports events, charities and providing education grants.

Sponsorships allow an organization to create and enhance its goodwill. Moreover, due to sponsorships, organizations may obtain VIP tickets to the event that is being sponsored and important clients or business partners may be invited to attend the event by accompanying senior leadership, which is good for the development of relationships with clients and business partners.

Further, the mere fact that an organization is a sponsor enhances the reputation of the organization as a being stable, sustainable business which acts responsibly towards society. This improves stakeholders’ acceptance of the organization.

Another example of may be an attempt to obtain publicity. Publicity is controlled or uncontrolled mass communication which is unpaid. The reason media is willing to publish or broadcast unpaid messages about organizations is because they see it as newsworthy or as socially responsible behavior by organization which again makes it newsworthy.

There are two types of publicity. First is marketing publicity which refers to publicity which has an objective of enticing stakeholders to buy a product or service of the organization. Second is public relations publicity which has the objective of persuading stakeholders that theorganization or cause that the organization supports is worthwhile of their support and association.

The PR department may use press releases and news releases, news conferences, media conferences and interviews to entice media to give the organization publicity.

A close activity related to seeking publicity is media relations. This refers to all actions public relations practitioners undertake to obtain publicity or to respond to media interest in the organization, which is again likely to result in publicity.

To ensure good long-term relationship with the media, all communication with the media must be honest, comprehensive and timely. Public relations practitioners need to make it easy for media representatives to give organization publicity by providing honest, comprehensive information with all relevant details, such as photographs, that are necessary for the information to be considered for publication. Other ways to build good relationship with the media is by providing photo opportunities, facility’s visits and media receptions.


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