Gross Profit Margin Ratio

Gross profit margin ratio (GPMR) is one of profitability ratios. It measures how much of each sales dollar remains after costs of goods are deducted. In other words it measures the relative costs of goods sold.

Gross profit margin ratio (GPMR) = Gross Profit/Sales


For example, if ABC has a gross profit of $1,000,000 and sales of $3,000,000, then the Gross profit margin ratio (GPMR) is calculated as follows:

= 1,000,000/3,000,000 = 0.3333 or 33%

Test yourself

Dillon Corporation has a gross profit of $1,200,000 and sales of $3,500,000.

Required: Find the Gross profit margin ratio (GPMR)


The calculation of  Gross profit margin ratio (GPMR) of Dillon Corporation will be as follows: = 1,200,000/3,500,000 = 0.34 or 34%


The higher the Gross profit margin ratio (GPMR) the lower the relative cost of goods sold. Therefore, the higher the  Gross profit margin ratio (GPMR), the better.


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