Building yourself

When building yourself, you need to eliminate non-necessities from your life and give 100% effort to necessities. A necessity is defined as something absolutely essential to helping you meet your objectives. You also must learn to identify activities that directly contribute to building yourself and activities that are “noise” that you have to go through.

Examples of activities that are noise include laundry, cleaning, driving, and shopping and so on. It refers to anything that does not improve your tomorrow and does not improve your value as an individual, as a professional, as a partner, as a parent or as a friend, but have to be done anyway.

Individual circumstances, priorities, goals and dreams will affect which activities are “noise” and which “build your value”. So you need to use common sense and personal judgment. Spending time with your partner during shopping may be the only time you spend together, so this is a necessity. Notice in this shopping example it’s not just what you do that determines if something is a necessity, it is also important to determine why you do it.

Ask yourself

What do you need to be successful in your business career training?

Do you have all the tools and skills to succeed?

Do you have sufficient time to succeed in your career?

If not, can you create more time for building yourself? In other words, which activities are “noise” and can be eliminated or delegated to others? Are your social activities preventing you from reaching your goal?

What needs to change to achieve your goals?

Do you have the courage, conviction and diligence to make the change?

Using the Answers

These are all good questions! Numerous people go through these questions when considering their goals and inspirations. Many of those people are not willing to make the investment of time, effort and trade-offs to get the result they want. They consciously choose to settle for an average or below average life. However, some remarkable people find the courage to face the challenges and find a way to succeed. And so can you.

This is easier than many people think, but only once you develop a mindset of focusing on what is needed for your future success, focusing on what is needed to have a better tomorrow and eliminating non-necessities which we call “noise”.

You should continue setting more challenging goals for yourself and keep building yourself into the person you were born to be. Along the way, though, don’t forget to enjoy the ride.


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